Canada - National pharmacare to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable ♦♦♦ US - Senate panel backs giving Florida access to Canadian drugs ♦♦♦ China - Reforms to drug approvals, monitoring and pricing to improve access

Verity Analytics - eIRP Quick Impact

Negotiate and change prices with a full understanding of their effect in referencing countries.

Verity Analytics - eIRP Master Tool

Set strategy confidently using transparent, detailed analysis of the revenue repercussions of pricing regulations and practices globally. For launch planning optimisation and in-market mitigation.

Verity Prices

Establish a trusted basis for competitive analyses and statutory price certification with our up-to-date, industry leading database of pharmaceutical prices across portfolios and countries providing vastly better coverage than alternative offerings.

Verity Tender Management

Maximize the positive outcomes of tender awards at an optimal price with our comprehensive, coordinated view of tendering.

Verity MarketScout

Use as a reference knowledge tool for all country-specific PR&MA rules and regulations of 70 plus markets, constantly maintained – e.g. to develop implementation plans meeting specific needs of individual markets globally.

Verity Managed Entry

Identify the most appropriate Managed Entry Agreement for your product globally and by country and quantify its NPV – a combined qualitative & quantitative tool.

Verity Approvals

Workflow supporting your Pricing & Market Access Governance Global-Local-Global and throughout the product lifecycle