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Szilárd Boda

Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Szilárd has developed an impressive expertise in modelling, prior to and since joining Akceso. His masters thesis was about light-controlled collective behavior between biologically inspired integrated circuits both experimentally and by computer simulation. As an Erasmus student at the Faculty of IT, Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, he investigated image processing and recognition on a CNN-type computer.

Szilárd successfully attained his PhD on Order-Disorder Transitions in Coupled Oscillator Systems in October 2013. In the thesis he summarised research about emerging spontaneous synchronisation in different coupled systems (the same principles are at play e.g. in the synchronization of human cardiac cells). The close alignment between his experimental results and his computer simulations are proof of his strong conceptual and practical modeling and research skills.

Szilárd's research results are summarised in 4 ISI publications. He has participated in several workshops and conferences, and received two prizes at Transylvanian Students' Scientific Conferences in Cluj Napoca. Between 2006 and 2010 he was an active member of the University's Physics Studies Workshop.

Szilárd is the creator and main developer of Akceso's eIRP Tools which aim to help users in pricing launch plan optimisations and foreseeing IRP effects. As a Solution Arhitect he also oversees the used technologies, ensuring that Akceso is using the optimal programs and frameworks for their tools.