Canada - National pharmacare to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable ♦♦♦ US - Senate panel backs giving Florida access to Canadian drugs ♦♦♦ China - Reforms to drug approvals, monitoring and pricing to improve access


István uniquely combines a pharmacist education with a health economics experience with hands-on strategic and tactical pricing knowledge. He also has extensive intelligence regarding the intricacies of both country-internal and international reference pricing. He graduated as a pharmacist in 2002 at Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest and attained a second master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Policy and Pharmacoeconomics at Eötvös Loránd University of Science, Budapest. István has many years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry – Servier, MSD, Sanofi and before joining to Akceso, Gedeon Richter where, as member of the company's Global Pricing Board, was in charge of pricing rollout to countries across Europe and beyond. Further, he contributed to several global value dossier development projects gathering high level experience on value proposition and market access.