Canada - National pharmacare to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable ♦♦♦ US - Senate panel backs giving Florida access to Canadian drugs ♦♦♦ China - Reforms to drug approvals, monitoring and pricing to improve access

Cost Containment Measures

Be prepared to engage with stakeholders with complete understanding of their cost-containment measures and rationale.

Market Attractiveness Assessment

Deliver actionable insigts to drive valuable PR&MA planning for countries and therapies.

Stakeholder Mapping

Discover paths of influence and deliver value by understanding the relationships and concerns of the different stakeholders, identifying the best links to reach them.

Policy Wizard

Provide solid arguments both to country regulators and to industry to influence a country's pricing, reimbursement and market access policy.

World-wide Price Interdependency

Avoid pricing mistakes and gain advantage by knowing existing international reference pricing impacts among seemingly unrelated countries.