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Dávid Deritei

Network & Web Specialist

Network & Web Specialist

David is an expert of network and graph theory, and also a specialist of diverse web-related solutions. He earned his MSc in Computational Physics, his main field of study being biologial regulatoy networks. Besides his work for Akceso, he works as a researcher at the Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Physics. From September 2015 he will be Phd student of the Central European University, Department of Network Science, Budapest.

David actively collaborates with institutes like the BIDMC - Harvard Medical School or the University of Notre Dame, on topics like understanding the fundamental mechanics of life (like a living cell or the brain) through complex interacting networks. During his MSc years he developed a novel method for detecting communities in networks, which was published in a high impact paper in 2014.

David’s major skills are computational analysis of massive datasets, automated data collection, handling multi-million node complex networks, methodologies of statistical physics.

He is an intuitive, creative personality with diverse hobbies like theatre acting, writing, hitchhiking, etc.