Canada - National pharmacare to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable ♦♦♦ US - Senate panel backs giving Florida access to Canadian drugs ♦♦♦ China - Reforms to drug approvals, monitoring and pricing to improve access
Brigitta Fogarasi

Access & Price Modeller

Access & Price Modeller

Brigitta is part of our creative technical team. She supports Akceso by data collection automation, data mining, and data visualization. Her strong analytical and modelling skills serve to expand our data lakes and to analyse current markets for the most accurate price determination.

Brigitta has a Master’s degree in Computational Physics. She is familiar with several programming languages, such as Python, Java, C, HTML, also CSS and Javascript. With her technical background as a web developer and operator, she is hands on with various web-application technologies, such as XML, cPanel, SQL, and PHP as well. Brigitta acted over several years as a volunteer High School Maths teacher to raise the professional level of students.

She also speaks several languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English and Spanish.